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    2. Welcome to [ Jiangsu DINGSHUN Heavy Duty Machine Tool Co., Ltd.]  the website system !
      TEL:【400-0513-919】  (0)86-513-85562198


      Excellent quality

      ABOUT US

      We are the brand leader

      Nantong Baoshun machinery Co., Ltd. located in Nantong Gangzha economic development zone.Its standard production plant is more than 20,000 squre meters. The fixed assets are more than 80 million.According to the mechanical processing technology, the company sets bulky processing workshop, metal processing workshop, paint shop, assembling workshop separately.

      Now, the company has more than 100 technical staffs.It a professical manufacture for XK500A、XK500F、XK500C、XK500D、XK500CJ series CNC roller crescent groove processing machines ,CK8450、CK8465、CK8480 series CNC roll laths,CK9550 series Turn-milling machines,CK9580 series pattern plate CNC milling center CA8450、CA8465、CA8480 seriesplc roll lathes ,ZWM150 precision universal grinding machines and so on.

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